Bifacial PV modules

The future of solar technology

So-called bifacial PV modules have become increasingly popular in recent years. Translated from Latin, the name literally means “two-faced”, which directly describes how these innovative photovoltaic modules work. In contrast to conventional solar cells with one side, bifacial modules use both sides to convert sunlight into electrical energy.

Although the basic idea has been known in research for decades, industrial production has only been established for a few years. The innovative approach offers a number of advantages that make bifacial solar modules a promising solution for the future of renewable energy generation.

In addition to benefits for individual private individuals, property owners or even large companies, the modules offer the opportunity to serve humanity as a whole through increased sustainable potential. It is to be expected that the current use of the technology will become increasingly important in the coming years and that it will become more established in both the private and commercial sectors.

Practical and efficient: more energy gain per area thanks to bifacial PV modules

The greatest advantage of bifacial solar modules lies in the increased generation of energy. Depending on the optimum position of the modules, the total output can be increased by up to 30 % by additionally using the rear side as an actively used surface. There is therefore a great deal of potential for increased energy generation, particularly in regions such as deserts, which are characterized by a high degree of reflection. This is an advantage for large-scale industrial projects, but users also benefit from bifacial solar modules on a small scale.

Another significant advantage relates to the more efficient use of available space. As solar energy can be absorbed from both sides, less space is required for the same amount of energy than before. Whether on the roofs of family homes, for balcony power plants or mobile machines such as solar-powered cars – limited space is being put to better use than before.

The advantage of this for the electrical supply of buildings is that you also become less dependent on suppliers of conventional energy. In the past, it was sometimes not possible for solar-powered buildings to cover their energy consumption completely sustainably or for photovoltaic storage systems to be filled. This can change with bifacial solar modules, which also reduces energy costs for property owners in the long term. This results in a further advantage of the double-sided photovoltaic cells: increased sustainability. On a large scale, improved energy production and land use has the potential to help countries around the world make a lasting switch to renewable energies and contribute to an ecological future.

The environmental friendliness and general efficiency of double-sided solar modules is also supported by their production. Bifacial PV modules are protected on both sides by durable safety glass to optimize long-term use. This results in a longer service life, as the modules are protected from various external environmental influences. The solar cells are better shielded from UV rays, moisture and general temperature fluctuations.

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