ready. set. grow.


The future of greenhouses.

ready. set. grow.


The future of greenhouses.

SunGarden Plug & Play photovoltaics

Plug & Play Greenhouse Power and Energy.


Plug & Play

1 Module technology Double glass modules:

– Low weight with only 24 kg per module. – High reliability thanks to tempered glass. – Extreme durability thanks to high-tech tempering and laminating processes, comparable to car windscreens. – Maximum wind load > 240 kg/m² and snow load > 550 kg/m² – Bifacial solar modules make photovoltaics more effective because the solar cells used also convert the solar energy on the back of the module into solar power. – 25-year product guarantee * * Back to back guarantee

SunGarden Power module output:

Your SunGarden Power has a roof with 400 WP double glass modules as standard.

You can equip each greenhouse individually with both module variants, either on the roof or on the wall. The number of modules is up to you, so you can configure your greenhouse individually.


2 Functionality:

If you opt for a SunGarden with integrated photovoltaic elements, we will provide you with a ready-to-plug-in system with modules, module inverter and the necessary connection cabling. You can easily set the inverter to the desired output power yourself.

VARIANT 1: Use as a balcony power station You can simply plug your SunGarden into a socket as a ready-to-use system. The solar power produced is therefore available to you in your own home. The maximum benefit limit varies depending on state legislation, that you are allowed to feed into the grid of your energy supplier. As a rule, simple registration is sufficient.

VARIANT 2: Use for classic grid feed-in

If you want to use a solar power system beyond the balcony power plant limit, we supply the same system ready to plug in with several module inverters and modules. You will need an electrician for the installation, who must establish a direct connection to your electrical cabinet. With this variant, you use the highest possible photovoltaic output.

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