ready. set. grow.



The future of greenhouses.


ready. set. grow.


The future of greenhouses.

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SunElements-at-Logo-Icon-orange Optimal climate for your plants:

The innovative design includes an integrated opening in the roof area, controlled by levers. Excess heat is efficiently dissipated, creating an optimum climate for your plants.

SunElements-at-Logo-Icon-orange Roof load safety even in heavy snowfall:

With an impressive roof load capacity of over 150 kg/m², the SunGarden offers exceptional stability and security for your plants, even in extreme weather conditions.

SunElements-at-Logo-Icon-orange Making rainwater usable:

The roof construction with guttering and drainage is realized according to the size of the house, either at the edge or in the middle of the roof.

SunElements-at-Logo-Icon-orange Wall elements with versatile glazing options:

Our greenhouse collection offers you a choice of 5 high-quality wall panels:

– 10 mm twin-wall sheets for excellent insulation
– 5 mm ESG glass with satin finish for special light diffusion
– Smoke gray or clear 6 mm acrylic glass for stylish privacy
– Double-glazed photovoltaic modules for sustainable energy generation

SunElements-at-Logo-Icon-orange Stability and maintenance-free:

The self-supporting aluminum construction with a unique profile geometry ensures not only safety and stability, but also maintenance-free, lifelong enjoyment. A well thought-out click system enables easy independent assembly and subsequent replacement of wall elements.

SunElements-at-Logo-Icon-orange Flexible door position:

A stylish aluminum frame, high-quality door handles and a robust, lockable cylinder lock give your SunGarden a special elegance. The large door can be flexibly mounted between two supports at any point. The door hinge can also be freely selected to the left or right during installation.

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