SunGarden – now available to experience live at our dealers!

SunGarden Gewächshaus Sommergarten SunElements Flachdachgewächshaus Photovoltaik

We are delighted that SunElements has taken the next ground-breaking step in the world of greenhouses. Our first partners were able to celebrate the opening of the first sample exhibitions in the last few days. A special highlight for us as SunElements was to ship our SunGarden design greenhouse fully assembled on a presentation pallet and deliver it to the first DIY stores and garden centers.

Experience the first flat roof greenhouse in your area!

The first dealers have placed the SunGarden show houses in their show park to give you the opportunity to experience our multifunctional house up close. Visit our dealers’ showrooms, get advice and discover how our SunGarden redefines the way we grow plants or create an oasis of well-being in the garden. Use our contact form to find out where your nearest showroom is located.

Quality "Made in Austria"!

SunElements SunGarden Greenhouse

SunElements attaches great importance to quality and precision. Our designer garden house is manufactured in Austria, where not only the assembly of the show houses for our dealers, but also the quality assurance is in Austrian hands. SunGarden is therefore not only the first flat-roof greenhouse with a photovoltaic roof, but also a proud representative of “Made in Austria”.

Our focus is on sustainability!

The integration of photovoltaic modules on the roof of our SunGarden not only gives you the opportunity to harvest vegetables, but also to produce environmentally friendly energy. This innovative approach underlines our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Every owner of a SunGarden greenhouse thus helps to protect our environment and make their own contribution.

Together we are shaping a greener and more sustainable future!
Discover SunGarden and be inspired by the future of greenhouses .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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