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  • Effizientes Pflanzenwachstum garantiert:
    Nutzen Sie Ihren SunGarden als Winterquartier oder zur Anzucht Ihrer Pflanzen.

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Efficient plant growth guaranteed:

Use your SunGarden as winter quarters or for growing your plants.

450 – 750 nm full spectrum lamp: The full spectrum chip in the lamp has been developed for plants that require a high proportion of blue (photosynthesis) and red light for flowering and fruit formation.

Technology: The LED plant lamp has a beam angle of 120°, so a very large light cone can be achieved. Economical 50 watt LED technology, high-quality electronics (CE certified) and a housing with IP65 class (dustproof and waterproof) ensure long, maintenance-free enjoyment.

Practical tips for growing plants with LED plant lamps:

The time of cultivation is very flexible when using our full spectrum plant lamps. When illuminated with artificial light, sowing can be started early in warm rooms. The plants then have more time to develop a healthy leaf and root system. Plants in cultivation grow stronger and much more compact with the right LED full spectrum light. After the frost period, the seedlings can then continue to grow in the vegetable garden, for example, and the first harvest is possible much earlier. Follow the instructions for the respective plant types. Check whether you are using seeds for light germinators or dark germinators. While light germinators absolutely need sufficient sunlight to germinate, it is not possible for dark germinators to form seedlings if they come into contact with light. As soon as the seedlings are visible, however, they also need light to grow. light can be mounted on a stand or tripod. Note the distance from the light source to the substrate.
Low-nutrient substrates such as potting compost or coconut substrate are particularly suitable for growing. This allows the plants to develop more roots. Place the seeds individually on the substrate. are many types of pots and different designs (size and shape) that you can use for growing.
When watering, make sure that the seed is not washed away. The substrate and seeds can be evenly moistened using a drip attachment for the watering can or an atomizer. sure that the seeds cannot dry out. This risk is very high indoors due to the dry heating air. You can also use propagators or mini-greenhouses to maintain a constant level of humidity. However, these should be ventilated once a day to prevent fungal spores.

Practical tips for overwintering with LED plant lights:

Our LED plant spotlights with full spectrum are also ideal for year-round illumination of plants that need to grow and thrive without sufficient sunlight. The LED plant light can also be switched on at night using a timer. However, it is important to provide sufficient lighting time!
The further away the light source is from the plant, the weaker the incoming radiant energy. The lighting duration should be adapted to the corresponding plant types. The more care-intensive plant species include citrus plants, evergreens and some succulents. Start with a lighting duration of 6-10 hours per day.

Technical data in sets of 2 or 4, including cable (6.5 m), Schuko plug and mounting material.

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