ready. set. grow.


The future of greenhouses.

ready. set. grow.


The future of greenhouses.

Optional accessories

Functional extensions for your SunElements greenhouse

Interior paneling:


Add elegance to the interior supports of your greenhouse with smooth aluminum profiles. They make cables and hoses disappear out of sight, and your greenhouse shines with tidy beauty.



Our greenhouse window offers you a choice of two colors: Natural aluminum or anthracite metallic. With a clear width of 884 mm and a clear height of 973 mm, the side-hung window ensures optimum ventilation and light in the greenhouse.



Effective drainage through rainwater downpipes incl. Fastening material.

Additional door:


The additional door (950 x 1980 mm (WxH)) can be installed anywhere around the house. The door hinge can be freely selected for installation on the left or right.

SunElements irrigation system:

Experience watering convenience at the highest level. Say goodbye to tedious hand watering and enjoy a greener, more flourishing environment without lifting a finger. Invest in your green paradise and let our irrigation system do the work for you. Thanks to our sophisticated manifold design and quick-release couplings, installation is child’s play, even for
Beginners. You need a 3/4 inch water connection to connect the system.


Irrigation Basic Set:

  • Integrated control unit: Our state-of-the-art control unit is powered by a 9V battery. It allows you to program the irrigation precisely and adapt it to your individual needs.
  • Reliable solenoid valve:
    The integrated solenoid valve
    solenoid valve ensures precise control over your system.
  • Compressed air connection for frost protection:
    Free your your irrigation system with a compressor from
    Water before the first frost.
  • Irrigation:
    One 25 m drip tube with connectors
    (T-pieces and bends) and ground hooks. You have everything, what you need in one practical set.
  • Efficient screen filter:
    The sieve filter ensures that your

    irrigation system is protected from contamination is.

Irrigation professional set:

With our professional set, you receive our basic set and additional features as a basis:
  • Second irrigation zone:
    With a second solenoid valve and another drip pipe, complete with connectors and ground hooks, you can now water two different areas in your garden in a targeted manner.
  • Innovative fertilizer pump:
    As a special highlight, our professional set includes a fertilizer pump. Simply insert the transparent tube into a canister of liquid fertilizer or microorganisms and your plants will be optimally nourished

Plant lamp:

Efficient plant growth guaranteed.

Use your SunGarden as winter quarters or for growing your plants.

450 – 750 nm full spectrum lamp:

The full spectrum chip in the lamp has been developed for plants that require a high proportion of blue (photosynthesis) and red light for flowering and fruit formation.


The LED plant lamp has a beam angle of 120° so that a very large light cone can be achieved. Economical 50 watt LED technology, high-quality electronics (CE certified) and a housing with IP65 class (dustproof and waterproof) ensure long, maintenance-free enjoyment. Available in sets of 2 or 4, including cable (6.5 m), Schuko plug and mounting material.
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